Magia Collection

In time Select Holding has acquired tourism related assets both in real estate and yachting that are also managed to give birth to the Magia Collection. The desire is to present unique heritage experiences both in Italy and Indonesia, allowing guest to take time for themselves and to experience homes and vessels that have been uniquely crafted and not replicable to enjoy the magic of beauty and harmony where attention to details and materials have been given the necessary attention allowing one to take time for oneself. The selection of entities that will join the collection is ongoing and will see regular additions keeping in mind the same mantra to deliver a personal experience.

The name Magia combines the elements of magic, intended as the research for something precious, that thing that makes us alive by breathing something that has no color and no taste and by drinking something that has no color and no taste; from this onwards we wish to be amazed by simple things that carry a deep degree of harmony and beauty. The word collection is to emphasize the quest and the research for particular gems, different among them yet aligned to a degree in which they stand for similar principles, making size and value irrelevant as long as they carry the same degree of magic.

Inspired by the timeless style of the elegant European farmhouse, Magia de Uma is a 5 bedroom family estate situated in Umalas (Bali). Generously set on 70 are of landscaped tropical grounds, with extensive lawns and mature fruit trees, Magia de Uma is an authentic reflection of Bali’s iconic heritage and craftsmanship. Great care has been taken to create a storybook ambience; where indigenous artworks juxtapose modern furnishings; panoramic rice terrace views go on forever; and Balinese hospitality is alive and well with Magia de Uma’s attentive and professional team.

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Magia II is a yacht made from Indonesian craftsmanship and materials, ready to take you to experience spectacular Komodo boat trip and beyond. As a tradition that passes from father to son, unique to that region of the world, the teak and wood are crafted to provide comfort and authenticity to the boat. As a work of love, every fabric, materials, and designs have been thoughtfully chosen around the world: from English family silverware to French wallpapers and Italian lamps, every curated detail will make the guests feel at home. Every island has its culture, traditions and patterns. In our eyes, Indonesia is probably one of the richest nations in the world and hopping on a Komodo boat tour is one of the best ways to experi- ence its abundance of wonders. You will be lucky enough to sail among these outstanding islands.

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