Not just an agency, yet a consultancy, accreditation agency, concierge and real estate investing company comprised in an international holding.

Shanghai – Rome – Bali

Select Holding is an international holding group with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Bali and Rome which is comprised of Select Representation and Select Travel & Concierge.

Select Representation was designed as a consulting company to help foreign travel-related businesses enter the Chinese market, ensuring a constant presence in the country to develop regular contacts with the travel trade. Select Representation has also the mission of helping Chinese companies to expand their global profile.

Select Travel & Concierge was instead created to respond to an increasing demand by Chinese customers to visit global destinations, as well as to keep offering tailored travel for both individuals and corporates. Select Holding was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2011, invested by its mother company Select Italy (founded and incorporated in the US in 1997) as a travel company bringing the concept of customizable, exclusive travel to Italy to the US market. This strategic move to open an office in China was engaged in order to diversify the groups interest and to expand in the up and coming Asian market.

Since then, it has progressively expanded into a comprehensive marketing and communication group for the travel sector, becoming also the internationally recognized Welcome Chinese certification issuer based on Chinese Ministry of Culture and tourism standard. In the years it has further expanded with Real Estate investments both in Indonesia and in the United Kingdom. During the pandemic years it engaged into PPE trade with foreign governments in order to supply quality goods under the supervision of the Chinese authorities and support of local partners. In time the company as also acquired assets in the Yachting industry as part of its diversification efforts.

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